Sunday, October 7, 2012


Today is Sunday, October 7, 2012. It was two years ago tomorrow that I had surgery to remove a cancerous prostate gland. Life changing events like that force one to contemplate life and death and family and many other attributes of living.

One year ago I wrote a ... what to call it? ... article, paper, theme, thesis, rant ... hard to find just the right word ... “musing” may best capture the thoughts. This year I don’t really have anything new to say. I’ve enjoyed two years now of cancer free life, at least the best doctors and tests have not found a re-occurrence of the disease. These things have often been on my mind and included in my writing. I’ve written about statistics and odds and friends and experiments ... plus adventures in math and science and the arts along with reminiscences.

These last two years have been wonderful. I’ve enjoyed the retired life, traveling up and down and east and west in this beautiful country we live in. I’ve revisited places of great beauty such as Alaska, Grand Canyon, the Pacific Ocean, Mesa Verde, and Yellowstone Park, and I’ve visited for the first time other great places of beauty such as Crater Lake, Oregon. I’ve been to more concerts than in any given two year period traveling to Oregon and Montana to attend as well as our own precious Red Rocks Amphitheater and the closer to home Boulder Theater. I’ve enjoyed the music with family and friends and have more plans for a concert this month.

Along with me on all of these journeys has been my constant traveling companion and love of my life: my wife Linda. We so enjoy the beautiful scenery as we pass through state after state. The mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, deserts, canyons, and all of God’s creatures we’ve seen along the road. This has been a continual joy for us.

Now my wife is struggling with her eye sight. Nothing could be closer to my experiences these last two years than vision. To imagine a life without sight seems truly like a fate worse than death. She had a macula tear in her left eye which was repaired surgically, but complications may be coming from that. She continues to struggle with her vision and we’ve had two visits to the emergency room for issue of pain or sudden changes in vision. We have several appointments in the last few weeks and are scheduled for this week to have an MRI and a neurological exam.

We hope and pray the problems are not serious or permanent, and are just related to the difficulties of a type one diabetic and healing. Her interocular pressure or IOP is high and being treated, but the doctors don’t know what is causing that. So, it is on this anniversary of my cancer surgery and hopeful cure, when thoughts of the love of life and the love of my life are reflected and digested in meditative thoughts and hopes that I pen (or type) this missive.

The theme of all these writings are science and technology and art. The ear is a welcome vehicle to enjoy these wonders of modern science and artistic expression, but it is the eye that is the primary pathway for our esthetic enjoyment. Our vision is key to our current life style and enjoyment.

No matter what happens, Linda and I will be together to lift each other up, assist each other, touch each other, and care for each other. So, on this anniversary of my count-down (or up) of life, I’m thinking more about my beloved Linda. There are no words to express how much I care for that lovely lady. We approach 36 years of marriage together this December, and I hope for 36 more as we enjoy the beauty that the Lord has created for us. So pray for Linda that the tests find no permanent damage or injury and that we can continue our journey through life and around this great and beautiful country. Pray that we can continue to enjoy the view.

Of course, I have to appreciate that view through the lens of a scientist. So I offer this article for you to increase the understanding the the beauty brought to us by light ... the science and explanation of light (and color).

A Treatise on Light (and Color)

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