Friday, December 25, 2009

Getting Started

I've been posting some long notes on Facebook in the last few months. A new friend of mine (thanks Facebook) recently started a blog. So, being the big copy-cat that I am, I decided to follow suit. What I've been writing on Facebook has been somewhat personal since it was only visible to "Friends." I will have to be a little more reserved on this blog. However, I've always been a big mouth, so I will probably just let it all hang out here too.

I don't know if what I have to say will be of any interest to anyone but my wife, and I can see her yawning now, so that may not even be true. Still it is fun to write it even if no-one ever reads it.

I have a particular perspective on life. You may agree or disagree with what I write. I read in the local paper today, in a letter to the editor, a Tom Waits quote, "If both us us think exactly the same thing, then one of us is unnecessary." That's good. I like that. So welcome to my opinions, and feel free to disagree and call me a jerk. I won't take it personally. (Oh yeah, want to step outside?)

I love music and science and technology and family and nature. So I expect to write about all of those topics and more. I've spent a lot of years in education teaching at a private technical school, a state college, and as an IBM instructor. So some of my posts may be tutorials. They won't be on the exam, and everyone gets an 'A,' so hang in there.

I don't know if I'm talking to anyone, or just myself. But enjoy what I write if that is possible and add your comments. I love questions and talking, so keep those cards and letters coming.

By the way, I'm 62 going on 63 and I like Jimmy Buffett, so the title seemed appropriate. Besides, I couldn't think of any other theme for all these posts, so it will have to do. I don't think I qualify as a Pirate since I'm a chronic rule follower, but it is fun to pretend.

This should be a good start. Let me see how this looks. Oh yes, I'm starting this blog on December, 25, so Merry Christmas everyone.

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